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Rules of our contest Empty Rules of our contest

Post by Admin on Wed 11 Jul - 17:21

How can I take part in the contest?

If you want to take part in our contest, all you have to do is send a pm to our Facebook page. Please mention the country where you live, the country you would like to choose, an artist and a song. Your participation will then be confirmed by one of our administrators or you will be asked to change.

Former players from previous editions have the opportunity to keep or change their country before new players.

What about the song?

Here are the rules you have to follow to enter the contest.
- Your song is not a Eurovision entry.
- Your song is not performed by a former Eurovision artist.
- Your song is not a cover.
- Your song is not a live song.
- Your song must have an official HD video (HD) but the player is free to create a high-quality video too.
- Your song must be released after a certain date.
- Your song doesn't reach more than 15M views on YouTube.

What about the artist of the song?

The main rule is that you have to select an artist who was born in the country you have chosen. Excepetions can be made for small countries (for example: San Marino can borrow artists from Italy; Luxembourg can borrow artists from France or Belgium...). Other exceptions: you can choose an artist that has lived in the country you have chosen for more than three years. The staff may refuse one artist if they think the artist doesn't fit the country.

What about the voting?

The voting is exactly the same as in the real Eurovision. There are two sets of points:

Points from the juries:
Each participant must elect his top 10 and will award one set of 12, 10, 8-1 points.

Points from the televoting:
The non-participants will have the opportunity to vote as well. They will vote the same way as the jury. However, to respect the 50/50 between the jury and the televoting, we have decided:

a- if the amount of televotes is lower than the amount of jury votes, we will be called upon to recalibrate votes in order to respect the 50/50 (ex: if we have 40 participating countries and 20 televotes, the televotes will be doubled).

b- if the amount of televotes is higher than the amount of jury votes, the first votes (only) will be taken into account. (ex: if we have 40 participating countries, the first 40 televotes will be taken into account).

The televotes will be added to the jury votes. During the final, each country will receive the points from the televotes, by starting from the lowest to the biggest.

In case of semi-finals:
Each participant of the semi-final will be asked to vote for their own semi-final. One half of the pre-qualified countries will be asked to vote for one of the semi-final as well. If another participating country wants to vote, his votes will be part of the televoting.

A country that doesn't vote:
Will be automatically disqualified from the competition and may loose his country for the next edition.


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